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Managing across highly divergent and fast-moving markets requires a laser-like focus on execution and operational excellence. Companies must develop highly flexible business models that enable them to respond to new opportunities and threats.
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This report really provides a lot of insight into new strategies for growth because the world is indeed bumpy! Looking at the graphed scores for globalisation over the coming years only goes to show how quickly new strategies will need to be implemented.

Best summarised in this table taken from the report:

Challenge  Response
Succeeding in rapid growth markets is harder than it used to be Think like a start-up
One size does not fit all markets Adapt your approach to new operational complexities
Policy has become more important and less predictable Build a strategy for connecting with governments
Good people are hard to find Embrace bold approaches to talent management

What is your laser-like focus like? Are you looking at execution and operational excellence? Does your business model enable you to respond to new opportunities and threats with the speed and diversity to be successful?

Developing your talent pipeline is critical in ensuring you thrive in constantly changing conditions. Ask us how we can support you in building the skills and capabilities of your team tomorrow? We can help you navigate the world’s bumps easily and effectively.



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