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Today, many talent professionals are facing a tough decision: should we invest in programs and tools targeting a small pool of high-potential talent, or is…

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What makes the most sense for your Organisation? Are you investing in a few targeted individuals or spreading your net a little wider.

This article by Deloitte recommends that any serious talent organisation should be able to do both.

What are the demographics of your organisation? Are there a lot of Senior Leaders who will be retiring soon? What focus are you putting on leadership development to build your bench strength? No doubt there are people throughout your organisation who are depended on every day for their strategic thinking, innovative capabilities and global perspectives. To retain this talent and continue growing your organisation you will need to identify sustainable development plans for these individuals.

Investing in a wider development program will also help strengthen your brand image. Like Chinese whispers people will talk about the programs and development opportunities which will provide positive image for your talent recruitment process.

Technology has certainly made reaching your team a lot easier for Leadership development. Virtual classrooms, mobile learning and social networking all can help you develop your people quicker and make them work faster and smarter.


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Nearly half of UK line managers ‘are ineffective’. Yet research reveals how management and leadership skills can drive up UK performance.

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We’ve all heard the claims, the theories, and the speculation about the ways leadership styles vary between women and men. Harvard’s latest survey data puts some hard numbers into the mix.

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This blog provides an interesting read and some hard statistics related to the topic at hand. The research shows these leadership skills are strongly correlated to organisational success factors such as retaining talent, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and profitability.

As a Leader in today’s economic climate what are the steps that you take when recruiting another leader. Are you looking at their raw skills or the Leadership capabilities that they bring to strengthen and develop your workforce?

The key point summarised at the end that every leader, male or female, would do well to avoid becoming complacent is always good to remember!

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Leadership Traits of Today’s Greatest CEOs – Infographic

Via leadonpurpose.files.wordpress.com

A great infographic that displays the Leadership traits of these 3 Leading CEOs.  Each CEO has a very different Leadership style from the next with a competitive and innovative approach to doing business.

An interesting activity to complete for your business is to take the Business Goals that are listed for each CEO and translate these into your work and what you are trying to achieve. To walk a short mile in the shoes of these CEOs and provide an objective look at your own goals.

1) To build a multipurpose service that everyone finds useful?

What are the steps that I am employing to ensure that my service is useful? How do I evaluate this? Does my team have ideas on how my ‘product’ or ‘service’ can be adapted or strengthened to make a difference?

2) Push Cloud Technology.

Am I working smarter? In this busy world does my team have access to critical data on the move? Is my information backed up and supported so we can become a Global player? What type of Cloud Technology will make my business react quicker?

3) Engage all demographic with product?

What can I do to reach more people? Have I looked at opportunities in a different demographic? Does my product limit my customer base when a slight change may open up further doors?

4) Keep Competitive.

Know my market, who is doing what and when? Am I changing for the sake of change or to move things forward and be competitive>

5) Create products that promote beautiful skin…

What does my product promote? I would like to provide a ‘beautiful’ solution in my industry, so when viewing ‘my skin’ what do I see?

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Strive For Work-Life Integration, Not Balance – Stop trying to balance the mythical scales so that work and family demands and rewards are exactly even. Instead, take these steps to integrate the two for greater happiness and control.

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With everyone always talking about work-life balance it was very interesting to look at how I identify myself. On reflection I would, on most days, identify myself as a Dual-Focused role firmly balanced between a Manager and a Sister, Aunty and Daughter. However, I think if my family and friends were to answer this question they would indicate that I am a work-focused person as I am often thinking about new opportunities for our team, technologies, Clients in my day-to-day personal life and using tangible examples of the people who have motivated and guided me in my career. I have a colleague who is Other-Focused. She refers to herself as an artist and is very talented and really successful in the creative space of our business and successfully balances her passion with a Corporate career but with an underlying purpose.

Identifying how I analysed myself and objectively looking at how other people would analyse me including the sense of control led me to think about integrating. I love working in the Learning and Development space and looking for opportunities to grow and to help other people succeed and this translates for both personal and work life.

To integrate to me means to stop controlling the balance but to live in the moment!

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Via Scoop.itLife in the Sharing Economy

What makes a good influencer?“Influence” is a concept difficult to evaluate since it refers to both subjective and objective values, resulting in a measurement of:…

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Silas Yang outlines how talent is probably the most urgent issue facing companies today, and the challenge to ensure businesses have the right people in the right place at the right time.
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Are you struggling to find the right people for your positions? Talent constraints are now impacting growth!

It is difficult to believe that in a recent PWC survey one in four CEOs globally said talent constraints affected their ability to pursue a market opportunity or strategic initiative. And one in three said it affected their company’s ability to innovate.

Have you reviewed your talent pipeline recently? Is your HR function able to deal with new priorities?

Look to teams like ours at The Learning Factor to help build your bench strength and develop your people!


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