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A list of 74 open source iOS applications

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Organizational Capabilities Matter – Organizational capabilities have a major impact on long-term corporate performance, and none matter more than behavioral aspects. But behavioral attributes can have a high impact only when they’re backed by strong structural capabilities. A new BCG Focus explains what organizations can do to develop the appropriate sets of capabilities.

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Frugal ideas are spreading from East to West  – The Economist – The Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, became a symbol before the first one rolled off the production line in 2009.

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China Real Time talks with Andrew Wedeman, author of “Double Paradox: Rapid Growth and Rising Corruption in China,” about how China’s experience with corruption differs from that of other countries and what corruption is likely to mean for China’s…

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Over the last 100 years, businesses have been run by professional management. The management revolution, which started in the 1850′s, defined a manager as a person who “leads the organization,” sets direction, and supervises the work of employees. The railroads and early oil companies were run this way, and then the pioneering thinker of the early 1900s, Fredrick Taylor, defined the organization as a “system which comes before the people.”

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A multichannel environment is creating the need for a different kind of sales force.

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Today, many talent professionals are facing a tough decision: should we invest in programs and tools targeting a small pool of high-potential talent, or is…

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What makes the most sense for your Organisation? Are you investing in a few targeted individuals or spreading your net a little wider.

This article by Deloitte recommends that any serious talent organisation should be able to do both.

What are the demographics of your organisation? Are there a lot of Senior Leaders who will be retiring soon? What focus are you putting on leadership development to build your bench strength? No doubt there are people throughout your organisation who are depended on every day for their strategic thinking, innovative capabilities and global perspectives. To retain this talent and continue growing your organisation you will need to identify sustainable development plans for these individuals.

Investing in a wider development program will also help strengthen your brand image. Like Chinese whispers people will talk about the programs and development opportunities which will provide positive image for your talent recruitment process.

Technology has certainly made reaching your team a lot easier for Leadership development. Virtual classrooms, mobile learning and social networking all can help you develop your people quicker and make them work faster and smarter.

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